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Chrysler history

Chrysler’s Beginning 1920-1930

Chrysler LLC was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler. Walter Chrysler had many years of experience in the car industry prior to founding Chrysler LLC including a spell at prominent car manufactures of the day, Maxwell-Chambers.

The first car to be manufactured by the new Chrysler company was a 6 cylinder car which was distinguishable from its competition by its quality of build and affordable price. Both of these original Chrysler characteristics are still firmly part of all Chrysler cars today.

Chrysler Introduces New Technology 1930-1940

In 1934 Chrysler engineer Carl Breer created the Airflow. It is said that Breer was inspired by watching the manoeuvres of aeroplanes at an air show. The Chrysler Airflow went on to beat 72 speed records!

Chrysler Supports the War Effort 1940-1950

In the early 1940s Chrysler was hit by the death of its founder Walter Chrysler. As the decade continued Chrysler used its engineering expertise to assist in the Allied War effort and was responsible for supplying all kinds of different vehicles to the allies including tanks and trailer mounted aircraft guns.

Chrysler Continues to Innovate 1950-1960

During the 1950s Chrysler came up with several more important motoring innovations. Chrysler’s superiority over other car manufactures was underlined by the fact the Chrysler C-300 was banned from sanctioned racing due to its massively superior engine power.

Chrysler Delivers More Value for Money 1960-1970

As the 1960s progressed Chrysler continued to build its reputation for affordable quality by wining the 1967 Mobil Economy Run.

One Small Step for Chrysler 1970-1980

During the 1970s Chrysler was selected from a host of US car builders by NASA to build the Saturn 1 and Saturn 1b vehicles. The selection of Chrysler went to further demonstrate the reputation of Chrysler for reliability and excellent engineering.

Lee Lacocca Becomes the Face of Chrysler1980-1990

During the 1980s Chrysler carried advertising campaigns fronted by Lee Lacocca to drive home its core values of affordable reliability.

Chrysler Joins Daimler Benz to Form a Partnership Based on Innovation 1990-2000

During the 1990 Chrysler joined forces with innovative European motor giants Daimler-Benz. This partnership proved successful with the 300m being voted the car of the year by Motor Trend.

Chrysler Today 2000+

Today the Chrysler brand still stands for the same things it did when Walter Chrysler first founded the company, affordable reliability and high quality engineering. Why not check out some of the current range of Chrysler cars at Cheap Chrysler Jeep.