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Jeep Trivia

Beginnings of the Jeep

The Jeep prototype was originally designed for the US Army during the 1940s by the Bantam Company who had enlisted the help of the highly respected Karl Probst. The Military needed a vehicle that was both fast and rugged so the Jeep was ideal.

Allied Armies Relied On the Rugged Toughness of the Jeep in World War 2

Jeeps were used heavily during world war two and the US army even had to enlist the help of more manufactures to keep up with demand. The Jeep was deemed to be so important to allied superiority that Jeeps were even supplied to Russia as part of the war effort.

There Have Been Many Types of Jeep

Over the many years of Jeep history there have been many models of Jeep including an amphibious Jeep and a Jeep designed for use on a railway.

Jeep on film

The recent Dukes of Hazard film featured the lead female Daisy Duke driving a stylish white Jeep Rubicon.

Why is it called Jeep?

The name Jeep is believed to have come from the original “GP” off road vehicle made for the US military in the 1940s.

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